– Messy, juicy, naughty! HISTORY OF SEXUALITY is an interactive DIY performance about sex.

In this queer and quirky performance, troublemakers and performance artists Andreas Constantinou and Annika B. Lewis shamelessly address the taboos and desires, the power and social grip that sex has over us all.
Wearing anything from, well… nothing to rabbit-, bear- and cuddly sex monster costumes, they take you on a wild ride through their own histories of sexuality; a living archive in a simple do-it-yourself style, that encourages you to take back the power over your body and sexuality. Because sex sells. Sex rules.
It’s our modern-day battlefield!
Let’s regain territory!
Let’s talk about sex!


“The performance opens up some good talks and reflections on the topic of sexuality, which for many may be associated with shame. ‘History of sexuality’ is a fresh, playful and liberating breath that encourages the audience to take ownership of their own narrative and their own sexuality.”


With and by performance artist Annika B. Lewis and Andreas Constantinou
Set design Åsa Lieberath and Jeppe Cohrt
Costumes and photo Åsa Lieberath
Light design, tech and construction Jeppe Cohrt
Dramaturge Anne Hübertz Brekne
Production management Annika B. Lewis
Video trailer Jens Mønsted


Producered by Kassandra Production
in collaboration with Bora Bora – dance and visual theatre, The Genderhouse Queer Arts Festival, Theatre FÅR302.
Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, Aarhus Kommunes Kulturudviklingspulje, Københavns Scenekunsudvalg, Ottarfonden.
Sponsored by Lust.dk